The Luxurious Duel: South of France vs A La Maison in the Realm of French Triple-Milled Soaps

French triple-milled soap from South of France and A La Maison

The Battle of the French Triple-Milled Soaps: South of France vs A La Maison


In the world of skincare, nothing quite matches the luxurious experience of using a high-quality, French triple-milled soap. Known for their rich lather, creamy texture, and long-lasting bars, these soaps have won the hearts of discerning consumers globally. Two iconic brands in this space—South of France and A La Maison—stand out for offering an exquisite range of French triple-milled soaps. While they share the spotlight for quality and authenticity, there are subtle differences that set them apart. In this blog post, we delve deep into the histories, unique features, and ethical practices of South of France Soaps and A La Maison Soaps.

History of the Brands

South of France Soaps

Born from the union of French soap-making techniques and American innovation, South of France Soaps have been in production since 1999. The brand prides itself on its traditional "Marseillaise" soap-making methods, which involve cooking organic ingredients and essential oils in antique cauldrons.

A La Maison

With roots tracing back to 1828 in France, A La Maison has a rich legacy spanning almost two centuries. Like South of France, A La Maison employs time-honored French triple-milling methods, with a focus on simplicity and authenticity in the ingredients.

Ingredients and Unique Features

South of France Soaps

One of South of France's unique selling points is the brand's commitment to using only the most natural ingredients. Think organic shea butter, vegetable oils, and authentic essential oils for fragrance. This ensures that their soaps are free from harsh synthetic chemicals and are gentle on the skin. Their soaps also tend to incorporate exotic fragrances like orange blossom and lavender, inspired by the Provencal region.

A La Maison

A La Maison offers a similar approach in terms of natural and plant-based ingredients. They even go a step further by adding olive and argan oils to some of their formulas, which are particularly moisturizing for the skin. Fragrance-wise, A La Maison has a wider range of options, including unconventional scents like rosemary mint and cherry blossom.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Both brands have carved a niche for themselves in the realm of ethical consumerism.

South of France Soaps

They've earned certifications like Leaping Bunny, a non-profit organization that ensures no animal testing was involved in the product development. Their packaging is also fully recyclable, including the shrink wrap, which is a rare find in the industry.

A La Maison

A La Maison's strong emphasis on sustainability is reflected in their cruelty-free formulas and biodegradable packaging. Moreover, they have moved towards sustainable sourcing of raw materials, minimizing the environmental impact of their production cycle.

User Experience

South of France Soaps

Customers often report that South of France soaps offer a luxuriously creamy lather that leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized, without any residue. The scents are often described as subtle yet lingering, giving users a long-lasting sensory experience.

A La Maison

Conversely, A La Maison soaps are known for their quick lathering abilities, producing a silky foam almost instantly. The scents are more potent and tend to stay longer on the skin, making them ideal for those who prefer a more pronounced fragrance.


In the end, both South of France and A La Maison offer an exceptional range of French triple-milled soaps, made with utmost care and superior ingredients. The choice between the two essentially boils down to personal preference. If you're drawn towards exotic fragrances and highly natural ingredients, South of France may be your go-to brand. On the other hand, if you're looking for a wider range of scents, coupled with additional moisturizing benefits, A La Maison might just hit the spot.

No matter which brand you choose, the art of using French triple-milled soap is an indulgence that speaks to more than just cleanliness—it's a tribute to a time-honored tradition of craftsmanship and quality. So, go ahead and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

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